Payment Regulation

I help to understand the new regulatory requirements on payments (e.g. PSD2, AML4, GDPR, eIDAS, PAD, MIF) and to identify the impact on your business – be it threats or opportunities.

On a macro-economic level, the current technological developments became a challenge for regulators. Not only that stakeholders demand an adjusted legal framework that ensures legal certainty, but also regulators need to get the right measures in place to mitigate economical risks and ensure a level playing field the digital ecosystem. The challenge for market stakeholders is to become compliant to the regulation and still being able to develop sustainable business models.


For a digital business, it is crucial to understand the legal aspects of technology and the requirements of the legal framework to survive in a highly competitive market.  

  1. The PSD2 will change the market. I can help to see the opportunities, but also the risks and threats.
  2. I can help to understand the regulatory master plan (PSD2, MIF, eIDAS, GDPR, AML4, ...) and how to act in the new environment.
  3. The regulatory framework will constantly change. I can help to build futureproof regulatory adoption plans.